Project Outcomes

This project represents the current state of speech and language therapy (SLT) education across Europe.

The report presented here is the result of a truly team effort. It is hoped that it is not only the current outcomes which are of most value but the development of a true spirit of unity in European diversity, in a dynamic context which leads to many future networks, collaborations and projects in the field.

NetQues has been a huge undertaking. It demonstrates that across Europe, the SLT profession is united in its aspirations for new graduates to be competent and caring individuals with relevant up-to-date knowledge and skills when they enter their chosen field of practice. We hope the competences identified, the glossary of terminology, the country snapshots and the examples of good practice are useful to support the education of SLTs across Europe.

NetQues Project Report – Speech and Language Therapy Education in Europe – United in Diversity

Please find the full report HERE  – and the Executive Summary HERE.

The report document may be reproduced or transmitted electronically in full or in sections subject to acknowledgment of NetQues.

Benchmarks for Speech and Language Therapy Education in Europe.

Key subject specific and generic competencies which form common standards for European SLT initial education (NetQues, 2013)

This document can be regarded as the EU-wide agreed common standards which every SLT must meet in order to practise the profession. These also provide benchmarks for SLT initial education and should be addressed in all European SLT education programmes.
Find the document via the menu on the left hand side: BENCHMARKS in all languages.

A POSTER (size 90 x 120 cm) displaying the Benchmarks is available for download here: Standard qualityProf. print quality

LEAFLET (lay out as a three-fold brochure) is available, too, in Standard quality and in Prof. print quality.


Life Long Learning and Examples of Good Practice

Since learning and developing new competences does not stop at graduation, Life Long Learning is a very important issue. We can all learn from each other! Therefore NetQues provides you with a lot of examples of good practice.
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If you would like to add your own example please mail Evelijn Raven-Takken (