What is NetQues?

NetQues is the acronym for Network for Tuning Standards and Quality of Education programmes in Speech and Language Therapy across Europe.

•   NetQues is an exciting partnership of 65 partners representing all 27 EU member states plus partners from Liechtenstein, Norway and the EU-candidate countries of Iceland and Turkey.

•   The three-year long project (2010-2013) is funded by ERASMUSENWA Life Long Learning Programme.

•   Budget cost is 585.672 Euro and the project is eligible for 75,00 % Erasmus funding of 439.251 Euro.
This project was no. 1 on the list of successful network applications in 2010, see:  http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/llp/funding/2010/selections/documents/sub_programmes/erasmus_corrected
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•   The Coordinator is : Standing Committee of EU Speech and Language therapists/Logopedists – CPLOL (Comité Permanent de Liaison des Orthophonistes-Logopèdes de l’Union Européenne)

 To learn more about CPLOL click the CPLOL logo.


List of partners

Partners present at the Installation Meeting in Paris, Oct. 2010