How are speech and language therapists educated across Europe?


Current speech and language therapy (SLT) education in EU-countries differs in curricular structure, and also in award/degree level. SLT education has been evolving and continues to expand in size and range of models both within and across countries.

Some countries are currently in the process of establishing new courses (e.g. Iceland, Cyprus) or extending / reviewing existing ones (e.g. Hungary); a few EU countries do not have any SLT programmes with most of  their SLTs educated in other EU states, (e.g. Luxembourg and Lichtenstein) but may consider setting up an  educational programme in the future.
It is important to ensure that any future changes align themselves in a more harmonised system. Widely accepted standards that member countries have elaborated are necessary to guide such developments.

NetQues is about setting and maintaining high standards of professional education of speech and language therapists across Europe. It is about identifying and sharing best practices, developing knowledge and its transfer. This is to ensure that all people with communication difficulties in all EU member states are able to access high quality services provided by appropriately highly educated and skilled professionals in communication disorders.